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They say “teamwork makes the dream work.” Creating a culture of teamwork in the workplace proves that as an organization, you value collaboration. All successful companies recognize this and ensure that at their foundation, there is a supportive atmosphere that allows employees to feel appreciated and empowered to help in decision making. Creating this culture in the workplace will help the organization benefit from the high productivity that the teamwork delivers. Here are some ways to develop a culture of collaboration in the workplace.


Communicate The Expectations

If you want a company culture of teamwork in your organization, you have to make sure that you express that with everyone involved. Set those clear expectations and make sure that everyone from the higher-ups to the interns understands that you expect teamwork and collaboration from them. By doing this, in the beginning, you will allow the culture to foster itself amongst your employees, and it will be the standard.


Include Employees in Decision-Making

You want to make sure your employees feel involved. So add them in some of the decision-making situations. Some of them might have great ideas that you may not have realized had you not given them the opportunity. Plus, by including them, they will feel empowered and motivated to buy into the company culture of teamwork. They will also feel like you value their ideas and efforts.


Praise and Support

Make sure you are rewarding the success of your team through recognition and compensation. Hold weekly or bi-weekly team meetings where you can highlight team successes. You can also mention them in company publications or on social media. However, don’t forget to show support to help others succeed. You should be available to help members of the team to manage difficulties and find solutions. These actions will show all the employees that success will only come if you all work together.


Be Open to Feedback

It can be easy to create a hierarchy in the company in which no one can criticize those at the top. However, this will not help the culture of teamwork. You want to have a more open atmosphere that allows employees to give suggestions and feedback about anything. You should also be receptive to this feedback and consider them. As a result, you will help employees feel more comfortable to be part of the team and find ways to better the company as a whole.