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Congratulations! You’ve worked hard and proved to your bosses that you are worthy of being promoted to a new position at work. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished, but you still have more work to do.

Now that you’ve been promoted to a new position, it’s up to you to prove that you deserve to be there. Being put in a new position is a lot like starting a completely new job, which means having new coworkers, new responsibilities, and new supervisors, most of whom will not know you or what you can do on the job.


Keep a Positive Mindset

A big part about proving that you deserved your promotion is just keeping a positive mindset. A lot of people suffer from a bit of impostor syndrome when they’re promoted to a new position. This means that they don’t feel like they deserve their success and that others will discover that at any time. It’s easier for some people to stay positive than others, but don’t let yourself get discouraged. You were promoted for a reason, and you will have to remain confident that the right people will see that.


Stay Professional

Of course, professionalism will also go a long way towards proving yourself in your new position. Treat everyone in your new department or team with respect, do what is asked of you, and maintain an otherwise professional demeanor.


Reach Out

As someone who is essentially a new staff member, it’s up to you to reach out to your new coworkers and build bridges. You want to let them know that you are happy to be where you are and that you will work with them.


Don’t Overstep Your Bounds

While it is important to be willing to work with your new team and impress your supervisors, you also have to be careful about doing too much in your new role. The last thing you want to do is make people think that you’re more important than they are thanks to your promotion. You are important and you should be valued, but you are also a part of a team. Don’t be afraid of taking on new responsibilities should the opportunity present itself, but keep in mind that you are still new. Overstepping your bounds will only upset your coworkers and your supervisors. Be confident in who you are and what got you your job, but remember that you are just one person within the company.