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Successful entrepreneurs are known for their riches, but many started because they were driven by a mission—not money. But before becoming success stories, there are obstacles that almost any entrepreneur will face. They may look different, depending on the project, but they form on the same basis. Below are the top three struggles entrepreneurs face.


1) Focusing on Strengths

Since entrepreneurs grind to the top, they’re used to having to do everything themselves – and take pride in it. But the only way to grow a business is to delegate tasks and responsibilities to others. This is something many entrepreneurs struggle with.

It is definitely valuable to have a wide skill-set. But to be competitive, entrepreneurs need to know when it’s time to delegate a certain task to a real expert.


2) Facing Stress

Many young people who see entrepreneurs achieving success just see the end of the rainbow. They don’t take in the amount of stress it took to get there.

One young CEO recommends always having an outlet to defuse stress. He says upcoming entrepreneurs won’t have many like-minded peers to vent to in the beginning, so it’s important to have a way to relax.

Upcoming entrepreneurs should be careful not to make the same mistake that many first-time entrepreneurs have, and realize stress-management is key to success.


3) Keep Your Mission in Mind

A majority of entrepreneurs fail, and the main reason is because they give up after their first failure. If there’s a big challenge to face, they give up, and don’t think about why they got started in the first place.

One way to combat this is to read or listen to the stories of other entrepreneurs. Hearing how a fellow entrepreneur overcame challenges that were even more difficult is a good way to get inspired to keep grinding.

When it feels like all hope is lost, simply remembering “why” can spark that fire in an entrepreneur all over again.

From the first failure to the first meeting, entrepreneurs all seem to face the same few challenges in their early days. Although they may look different for each entrepreneur, the fact is that they have the same roots. By reading this article, entrepreneurs will now be able to recognize these common challenges, and face them with better wisdom.