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Paul Bradbeer

Professional Overview

About Paul

Paul Bradbeer is the Regional Vice President for Prime Real Estate Investment Trust. An executive professional with 15+ years of experience, Paul has built the foundation of his career on two pillars: a strong sense of leadership, and a firm belief in empowering others to succeed. He lives and works in Kelowna, British Columbia.

In his role as Regional VP, Paul Bradbeer collaborates with the company’s employees in small team formats. He considers himself a lifelong learner, and has always made it a priority to keep an open mind in business. Each team member has something unique to offer the company, whether it is a certain skill or an overall perspective. This type of collaboration helps foster a productive and proactive work environment. Paul believes that creating this culture of teamwork will only help the company thrive. A culture of teamwork must be the foundation of the company. Paul prides himself on being approachable and transparent in all matters of work, so that he can best help his team thrive.

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Andrew Carnegie

Prime Real Estate Trust currently manages over $500 million in real estate assets

Prime Real Estate currently owns over 500,000 Sq/Ft of commercial retail and office buildings

Prime Real Estate currently has over 2 million Sq/Ft under development including business park sub-divisions, retail shopping centres, suburban office buildings & hotels

Prime's primary projects and corporate offices are located in Western Canada and the Greater Houston Area, Texas USA

Over the years, Paul’s work has allowed him to cultivate extensive public speaking experience. He speaks on behalf of the company at most client events. This includes presentations and Q&A sessions on their newest developments and fund updates. He also speaks at a few national industry events and conferences as well, which take place annually. As the face of the company, Paul is able to communicate its ongoing progress and its overall diversified approach to property ownership to other industry-leading professionals.

For Paul, the most rewarding aspect of his industry is the dynamic nature of it all. He gets to work with many types of clients from all walks of life, and no two days of his job are the same for him. He is always seeking out new opportunities in the real estate investing landscape, and helping high net worth individuals grow their impact in commercial real estate. The energy and excitement of the industry pushes him to always strive for success and achieve new heights. Even when he is not working, he enjoys keeping up with developments or trends in the industry through various news outlets and magazines.

Outside of his work, Paul Bradbeer enjoys his many hobbies. He is an avid sports fan who follows teams such as the Seattle Seahawks, Boston Bruins, and Pittsburgh Penguins. He also recognizes the importance of physical activity which is why he is heavily involved in CrossFit which is a form of rigorous fitness regimen that incorporates high-intensity interval training, powerlifting, calisthenics, and a variety of other functional movements. Paul also enjoys playing and watching golf, admiring players such as Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, and Sergio Garcia. He keeps up with his favorite sports teams and players through sports television networks like Canada TSN or news outlets like SCOREGolf.

One of Paul’s favorite hobbies is cooking. He is even in the process of pursuing some schooling to improve his skills and learn different cuisines and techniques from around the world.

Paul Bradbeer created this blog to share his insights on leadership, team-building and more, which he has culled from a lifetime of business experience. Stay tuned!